Grow your own super hot chilli pepper

 A large range of chilli plants now in stock

Ever fancied trying the World’s hottest chilli? Why not try growing your own?

At Swains we currently have a great range of chilli plants. We are stocking two of the worlds most renowed chillies; ‘Trinidad Scorpion’ (currently said to be the worlds hottest) and ‘Bhut Jolokia’ known as the legendary ‘Ghost Chilli’ which is over 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Ghoast Chilli SwainsApache Chilli Swains

They are really easy to grow so are perfect for the amateur gardener. The plants prefer to be in either a warm sunny spot outside or in a greenhouse or conservatory. If you are short of space then why not try one of our dwarf varieties, such as Apache, which are small enough to grown on your kitchen windowsill.

All of the plants are in colour coded pots. 

Green: Sweet & Mild, ideal for stuffing and roasting

Yellow: Medium to Hot

Red: Super Hot!

Chilli plants make excellent tub plants and are very attractive plants in there own right with masses of fruits coming in a range of different shapes and colours. Water them regularly and feed with tomato food once you see the first flowers.

Why not give them a try and see how hot you can go!

£3.49 each or buy 3 for £10

Swains Farm Shop Chillies

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